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Bastuck Sportauspuff

Bastuck is a manufacturer of sport exhaust systems , which works similar to other manufacturers own conceptual way. Among the manufacturers of sports exhaust systems to Bastuck can be described as a family-run business, where the direct contact with the customer counts a lot.

From the passion for classic Triumph models towards a very special sport exhaust manufacturer

Rainer Bastuck is a former racing driver, who in 1986 his automotive passion for British sports cars in his newly founded company convicted. The goal was the high-quality reproduction of spare and replacement parts classic Triumph models. It also followed Spare parts for classic Volvo models. Early 1990 came the first contact with sport exhaust systems , as the company developed a corresponding motor sports facility for a Jaguar and produced. Was quickly recognized the high demand explicitly with antique cars and classics, so soon exhaust systems for historical Mercedes , BMW and other brands were added.

Exhausts for classic cars, then also for modern vehicles

So it was only a logical development step, as Sportauspuffanlagen for develop modern vehicles. While putting a manufacturer mainly on special materials such as titanium or carbon, and yet another the modern production processes at Sportauspuffbau stressed it is in Bastuck direct reference to racing standards.

The FIA is in racing under the "Group A" maximum pipe diameter for Sportauspuffanlagen before that lie at 63.5 mm, therefore significantly higher than the diameter of series exhaust systems. Therefore, it is also obvious that Bastuck complete Sportauspuffanlagen manufactures, ie Y-pipe , middle silencer and rear silencer . Since 2013, quality includes performance catalysts for portfolio.

Features of Bastuck Sportauspuffanlagen - Group A Sports exhaust systems

which are oriented towards the group A of the FIA Sportauspuffanlagen of Bastuck therefore bring very specific characteristics with it. The larger pipe volume provides the sound more room. As a result of a Bastuck Sportauspuff so typical sonorous sound. In addition, however, the exhaust emission characteristics are changed. The exhaust system backpressure, which usually builds up in an exhaust system, is no longer so great.

The exhaust gases are significantly faster from a Bastuck exhaust system promoted. However, this also means that these exhaust systems are not compulsory for any motor suitable in terms of performance for motor sports. Depending on the engine this backpressure in which exhaust system also important that the optimum pressure ratio is achieved in the combustion chamber. However, remember that the special will then performance catalysts of Bastuck offered.

Bastuck Sportauspuffanlagen for individualists

who with a sports exhaust system street legal but also the robust sound of a good exhaust system to estimate know that's a Bastuck Sportauspuff well served. It just comes always on the claims by the vehicle owner. Because the performance gains on the public road plays often in any case only a subordinate role. For the right sound a is sport exhaust system all the more important. Bastuck provides for all vehicle manufacturers correspondingly optimized sport exhaust systems from the down pipe.

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in MK-Sportauspuff online store the Bastuck are Sportauspuffanlagen course an integral part. Finally, we have the right for every individual taste sport exhaust system . Should you when choosing your Bastuck sports exhaust not be sure, you can feel free to contact with our experienced support team. Our ordering process is encrypted maximum on the current state of the art, the exceptionally fast delivery after a successful order is our philosophy. Choose in our extensive online store for sports exhaust systems your favorite Bastuck sport exhaust from.